We believe in authenticity and 
the power of positive transformation


We believe in authenticity
and the power of
positive transformation


Villa Almanita History

The original Masia del Recó (masia being the Catalan term for chateau) traces its roots back to the latter part of the 18th century when winemaking dominated the agricultural landscape of the area. Over the years, numerous generations of inhabitants have been engaged in various entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors in Catalonia, including the Valenti furniture making enterprise and support for the Gran Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona, among others.

The masia has undergone several renovations, most notably the construction of the magnificent North Wing of the main house in the late 19th century. Throughout the past few decades, great care has been taken to preserve the authentic look and feel of the main house, ensuring our guests an unparalleled experience of Old World charm.

Our values

Our team aspires to harmoniously blend the historic past with the modern future, ensuring the preservation of the venue's ambiance while seamlessly integrating subtle technological enhancements for a comfortable experience.

Guided by our core values, Villa Almanita embraces the present and propels towards the future. We prioritise these values in our daily decisions, fostering (1) transformational experiences, (2) inspiring interactions, (3) positive engagements, (4) innovative well-being, and (5) a regenerative lifestyle.

Christopher, Guy and Dmitry

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