Villa Almanita is perfect for a peaceful vacation in Spain, 
catering to groups of up to 40 family and friends  


Villa Almanita is perfect for a peaceful vacation in Spain, 
catering to groups of up to 40 family and friends  


Destination vacation
in Spain

Nestled within an 18th-century 1,800 square meters mansion, our venue provides various spaces for family gatherings and relaxation. Each member, from the youngest to the eldest, can find a corner to enjoy without disturbing others. The Green Courtyard serves as a central meeting spot, perfect for shared meals, whether self-prepared or catered.

Our expansive private grounds offer opportunities for leisurely walks, exhilarating bike rides, or simply unwinding by the pool, allowing families to craft unforgettable memories together. With high-speed 1Gb/s WiFi, connectivity remains seamless for those who must catch their favorite Netflix show each evening.

The villa is conveniently located just a 25-minute drive from Barcelona airport and a mere 5 minutes from the lively beaches and nightlife of Sitges. PortAventura theme park is just a quick 45-minute drive away.


Ambiance and Atmosphere
Immerse yourself in the serene embrace of a secluded Spanish villa, steeped in history dating back to 1779. With elegant interiors adorned with historic artefacts and offering sweeping views of the tranquil Penedes wine region, this sanctuary is perfect for your vacations in Spain.

Capacity and Flexibility
Experience guest accommodations across 16 bedrooms, comfortably hosting 34 sleeping guests, with the option to expand to 44 in a family format. Enjoy versatile meal setups in the Green Courtyard, garden, and five indoor and outdoor lounges.

Attractions nearby
Take advantage of the close proximity to the nightlife and beaches of Sitges, a 30-minute drive to the magnificent architecture of Barcelona, and a 45-minute drive to roller coasters and a waterpark at PortAventura. Discover nearby wineries of the Penedes region.

Privacy | No noise restrictions
Enjoy all 1,800 square meters of the mansion, garden, and 70-acre grounds for yourself. With no noise restrictions, you can keep the party going without concerns about disturbing nearby neighbors.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable
Embrace sustainable living as you immerse yourself in relaxation at Villa Almanita. With its own water sourced from a mountain spring, a thriving vegetable garden, 20kW of solar power, and LED lighting throughout, we have a minimal carbon footprint, committed to eco-conscious practices.

Wellness Facilities
From the serenity of our curved swimming pool to invigorating WimHof-style ice baths, a fully equipped gym, and versatile indoor and outdoor spaces for yoga and meditation, every element is designed to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

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